‘You will never succeed in bringing APC down’, National Coordinator of DOJ blasts Fayemi

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The National coordinator of the Disciples Of Jagaban (DOJ) Comrade AbdulHakeem Alawuje has blasted the Ekiti state governor Kayode Fayemi over traitorship roles being played by the governor toward 2023 presidential agitation.

He made this call during a chat with Reporter while discussing Political situations of the country especially in APC as regard the succession plan of 2023 presidential contest.
His statement reads in part.

You will never succed in killing APC for your own personal interest, if you insist Almighty God will send a calamities that will engage you and all your collaborator’s.

Alawuje blast Kayode Fayemi and his collaborator’s,
He stressed further
Fayemi and others should remember that this madness is not what nigerians voted for,In 2014/15, some of us sacrificed all we have to fight for good governance, not for any individuals but for the interest of the entire nation.

As at then our believe and trust was on general Muhammad Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Hamed Tinubu, none of this present miscreants governors and ministers that were considered as part of those who we trusted,
Fortunately and unfortunately they made use of us to achieve their personal interest now planning to cripple the party.

DOJ still mantain our trust and believe in the two major factors that we worked for until anyone of them prove to us that he is not reliable or responsible for the good governance that we are hoping from them.

We still strongly believe that the two leaders are both fully aware on all what is going on in the party and the effect of it in the entire nation,

DOJ are not any how regretting of being in full support of Asiwaju bola Hamed Tinubu and his way of Politics styles.

A serious warning to the present caretaker committee, and the chirman if the commeetee, DOJ are aggressive APC members and APC supporters across the world.

The era of just less than thirty members of a party will be a serious headache to the entire nation has passed, either we should assist you to cripple the party completely or we force you out of the party, comrade AbdulHakeem Alawuje stressed.

If we refuse to talk Almighty God may punish some of us for that, because we convinced more than sixty percent Nigerians that we are coming to rescue them from PDP evils net as at then, now is to realize that some of you in the APC are even in equal act with pharaoh of Egypt.

We want governor Fayemi and his cohorts know that DOJ are monitoring all their steps and immediately we have a confirmation of undisputed fact against him,
We will let them know that they are just the party leader on the paper, none of them can stay in the party without any benefit as we do, they are just mere opportunists.

We won for Buhari in 2015/19, and calling on Tinubu to come in 2023,

If the anti party of Fayemi and his collaborators cannot be seriously punished , Some of us will do the needful to prove to you that without us you are nobody.
From Ward levels to the state levels and up to the National levels of party,our members cut across and we are ever ready to take up the challenges to rescue the party from charlatans, he concluded

One thought on “‘You will never succeed in bringing APC down’, National Coordinator of DOJ blasts Fayemi

  1. adeola edun

    Them plenty now Fasola,Fayemi,Akeredolu,Okorocha,Amosun, Obaseki. These are the betrayers of the party but what brought then together will break them is a matter of time non of them has leadership qualities. What they are doing is forming groups.


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