Nigerian Man Charged With Armed Bank Robbery In Canada

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Oshiobugie Bryan Okhaimo has been arrested and charged to court for the armed robbery of a bank in Bridgwater, Canada.

According to Winniepegfreepress, the man from Winnipeg whose nationality was not stated but with a Nigerian name, was said to have gone into the bank on July 15 around 1:15 with his face covered and carrying what looked like an assault-style rifle.

The police were said to have reported that the 24-year-old went to the counter, pointed the gun at an employee, and demanded money.

The employee was said to have given Okhaimo the money and did not suffer any physical injuries.

Upon being called to the bank after robbery, the police were said to have launched a search and were eventually able to find the suspect at a home in the 100 block of Bairdmore Boulevard after which he was taken into custody.

The police were said to have got a search warrant and were able to seize an imitation firearm, a vehicle, and the money he stole from the bank.

Okhaimo was subsequently charged with armed robbery using a firearm, using an imitation firearm during the commission of an indictable offence, pointing a firearm, possessing a weapon and disguise with intent.

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