Meet World’s Tallest Man, Woman [Photos]


Turkey has the record of producing both the world’s tallest woman, Rumeysa Gelgi and man, Sultan Kosen.

Standing at just over 7 feet, 24-year-old Gelgi has received two ‘world’s tallest’ records, NowThisNews reported Tuesday night.

The world’s tallest man 38 year-old Sultan Kösen towers at 8 ft 2.8 in).

His height fell short of America’s Robert Pershing Wadlow, who lived between 22 February 1918 and 15 July 1940. His height was measured at 8 ft 11 in (272 cm), almost 9 feet.

“Being different is not as bad as you think. It can bring you unexpected success”, Gelgi said in the NowThisNews broadcast.

According to the report, Gelgi was born with a rare genetic condition, known as Weaver syndrome, which can cause rapid growth.

Gelgi is using the publicity that comes with her world records to raise awareness about genetic diseases:

‘I personally think that differences and other features which seem like disadvantage[s] can be turned into advantages.’

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