Fire Guts Yobe Market, Farmlands


The Gashu’a potash market has been gutted by fire in Yobe State.

Also, stalls and farmlands were burnt by fire in the state, according to Yobe State Emergency Management Agency.

In a statement on Friday, the emergency agency said 20 stalls stock with various quantities of potash were affected.

The statement titled, ‘Gashua market inferno and other fire disasters’, read, “Yobe SEMA wishes to commiserate with victims of Gashua Zangon Kanwa (Potash) Market Inferno.

The incident which happened on the night of 11th November 2021 as reported by our Local Emergency Responders affected 16 Larger and 4 Smaller Stalls containing Potash of different quantities.

The timely response of men of the Fire Service Department reduced the incident from escalating to neighbouring shops. SEMA Local Emergency Responders will carry out assessments and recommends possible steps to bring succor to the victims.

On the same week 2, a separate incident happened affecting Girgir Market in Jakusko LGA and Farmlands in Ngelshelgele Ngelzarma B ward of Fune LGA. The former affected 220 empty wood stalls except for three shops with valuables while the latter affected several farmlands on the eve of harvest.

“Yobe SEMA will review assessment reports and support affected Victims within available resources. SEMA Wishes to call on the public to be watchful in public places, switch off appliances after the closure of work.”


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