Osun: Ikirun Development Vanguard Calls For Transparency In Selection Of New King


The Ikirun Development Vanguard IDV, has called for transparency and fairness in the selection process of the New Akinrun of Ikirun.

It also rejected the ‘purported’ selection of Prince Olalekan Akadiri from Obaara ruling house as the Akirun-Elect noting that the Gboleru Ruling House should be allowed to produce the new Akinrun for equity and justice.

In a statement made available to OSUN DEFENDER over the weekend, the body of over 5,000 members at home and in diaspora wants whoever would be selected to fill the vacant stool to be morally sound and educated as well as having a pious and excellent individual with verifiable track records.

Ikirun Development Vanguard urged elders and elites to speak with one voice and lead by good example for the younger ones and incoming generations to have meaningful things to emulate from them.
It also advocated for the Kingmakers and other Chiefs should be called to order and be admonished to stop embarrassing Ikirun in the face of the public.

The statement reads in part: “Recent unedited audio leakages of the stage-managed and kangaroo election process that favoured Pangila and the staged-managed face saving recording released by those involved in the scandals are too embarrassing for all progressive indigenous people of Ikirun land; we’re too sophisticated for such childish and shameful act.

“Any individual or groups with personal politically corrupt motives or interest should desist from interfering with the selection process of Akinrun; Ikirun town should be put above any individual, parochial ambitions. This should be seen as a strong warning from patriotic indigenous people of Ikirun, under the umbrella of Ikirun Development Vanguard, IDV, home and abroad.

“As we pray for and eagerly await the peaceful selection of our new king, we therefore call on citizens and other residents of Ikirun land to shun violence, vandalism and any other forms or acts that could destabilize the peace and harmony we enjoy in Osun State.

“We at the same time implore the Government to also allow due process to prevail. After all, the royal stool of Aree of Iree has since been vacant without any fire brigade’s approach to fill it, ditto to the throne of Owa of Igbajo. Why are some government functionaries and leaders of the ruling party in haste to install Akinrun of Ikirun by crook means? As a peace loving Governor, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola should not allow some desperate elements in his cabinet to tarnish his image and that of his administration.”


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